Walkway Stained from lawn irrigation containing iron

Prevent unsightly staining on walkways, siding and automobiles.

It is easy to rec­og­nize poor water qual­i­ty inside your home, because you are in such close con­tact with the water you use. Bad tast­ing drink­ing water, dull laun­dry, bad odors or stained appli­ances will alert you to most water qual­i­ty issues. Hard­er to pin­point are the com­mon water prob­lems that plague the out­side of New Eng­land homes. Stained walk­ways and sid­ing could be attrib­uted to oth­er envi­ron­men­tal fac­tors, but the cul­prit is most often impure water with a high min­er­al con­tent. These prob­lems can eas­i­ly be cor­rect­ed with a water fil­tra­tion sys­tem for your lawn irri­ga­tion water.

Removal of the Staining Minerals

Lawn irri­ga­tion with water that con­tains a high lev­el of iron or man­ganese can leave brown, orange or red­dish stain­ing on walk­ways, patios, lawn fur­ni­ture, auto­mo­biles or the sides of your home. One approach to this prob­lem is to add min­er­al inhibit­ing chem­i­cals to the water which will coat the iron and/or man­ganese mol­e­cules con­tained in the water, tem­porar­i­ly pre­vent­ing stain­ing. How­ev­er, once the water evap­o­rates from walk­ways and oth­er hor­i­zon­tal sur­faces, the iron/manganese is left behind and will stain wher­ev­er it lies. The only sure way to pre­vent this stain­ing is to “remove” these stain­ing min­er­als from your lawn irri­ga­tion water.

Integrate with Existing Lawn Irrigation

We will build and install a water fil­tra­tion sys­tem that is cus­tom-designed to work with your lawn’s exist­ing lawn irri­ga­tion sys­tem. We will con­sult with your lawn irri­ga­tion pro­fes­sion­al through­out the design process to ensure that there is no pres­sure loss or com­pro­mised water flow from the fil­tra­tion sys­tem.

Iron and Man­ganese are two com­mon­ly found min­er­als in New Eng­land, com­mon­ly referred to as “The Stain­ers”.  Exist­ing, test­ed tech­nol­o­gy and equip­ment is capa­ble of effec­tive­ly remov­ing these min­er­als from the water and elim­i­nat­ing this prob­lem.