Water Softening System

                                 Water Soft­en­ing Sys­tem

High Efficiency Water Softening


Water soft­en­ing can cor­rect mul­ti­ple prob­lems in your home caused by hard water. Hard water makes clean­ing clothes more dif­fi­cult, cre­ates streak­ing on dish­es and glass­es, and makes clean­ing your hair and skin well a chal­lenge. Hard water can also dam­age your home’s pip­ing dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem if not cor­rect­ed. Hard water makes it hard to clean.  Installing a water soft­en­er can elim­i­nate this prob­lem.

Water is con­sid­ered “hard” when it con­tains high­er lev­els of dis­solved cal­ci­um and mag­ne­sium. H2O Care pro­vides high effi­cien­cy fil­tra­tion solu­tions that will con­di­tion your hard water by remov­ing these hard­ness min­er­als through the proven ion exchange water soft­en­ing process.


Other Problems Created by Hard Water

Hard water can cause oth­er prob­lems in your home oth­er than dif­fi­cul­ty in clean­ing.  Min­er­al build-up inside a hot water heater can short­en its life by insu­lat­ing the tem­per­a­ture sen­sor, there­by mak­ing the equip­ment work hard­er to bring tem­per­a­ture up.  Scale build up can also reduce the pipe open­ing diam­e­ter through which the water heater pulls water from.  This makes the water heater work­er much hard­er and reduces its use­ful life.  Min­er­al build up can also neg­a­tive­ly affect oth­er water appli­ances in your home like your dish­wash­er and wash­ing machine as well.  This is eas­i­ly reme­died with a prop­er water soft­en­er instal­la­tion.

Hard Water needs Water Softener

Dam­ag­ing hard water scale build-up in pipes unchecked

Through the water softener’s Ion Exchange process, hard­ness min­er­als are “exchanged” for very low lev­els of sodi­um ions. The exchange, or water soft­en­ing, is made pos­si­ble because the min­er­als are ion­ic in nature (often called ion­ized impu­ri­ties), which means they have an elec­tri­cal charge. The ion exchange is based on the fact that like-charges repel one anoth­er and unlike-charges attract. The result­ing sodi­um that is released is very low and only a poten­tial con­cern for some­one on a pre­scribed, low-sodi­um diet.

Water hard­ness can be mea­sured with a water hard­ness test kit.  See the fol­low­ing link for a very com­plete descrip­tion of hard water and its affects Hard Water Link.

Hard­ness Lev­el Clas­si­fi­ca­tion (in Grains/Gallon or miligrams/liter)

Water Softener for hard water
H2O Care can help with water soft­en­ing & con­di­tion­ing  of your hard water by installing a point of entry, whole-house water soft­en­ing sys­tem. Your fam­i­ly will enjoy the ben­e­fits of soft­er water imme­di­ate­ly. Show­ers will feel clean­er, clothes will be soft­er, you will notice less film and residue in your sinks and show­ers and extend the life of your water heater and house­hold appli­ances that use water.  Soft water can even reverse pre­vi­ous build-up of hard water min­er­als inside your pipes.  Con­tact us today to learn more!