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7/1/2022  H2O Care published in Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine

H2o Care was contacted by this magazine and asked to write an article about Ozone technology use in residential applications.  It was the featured article in the July edition of the magazine, titled “Bringing Ozone Home”.  See the link in our Publications section of our website.

6/1/2021  H2O Care opens new office in Lakeville, Mass.

H2o Care, Inc., due to continued growth and in order to better service customer needs, opened a new office in Lakeville.  The office will be staffed with installation and service personnel as well as water softener and filtration systems consultation representatives.  Water testing will also be available from this office.

7/1/2020  H2O Care published in Water Quality Products Magazine on Ozone technology usage

H2o Care, Inc. has become expert in the use of ozone technology in water filtration applications for both residential and commercial applications.  This non-chemical technology is extremely powerful in killing bacteria and other pathogens while enabling other filtration techniques not available prior to its availability, particularly in a residential environment.  This article explores the history of ozone use in water quality improvement and how its being used today.

 4/28/2020  H2O signs lease to move Hudson, Mass. office to Stow, Mass.

Due to continued growth, the company has secured a larger, more efficient office in Stow at 155 Great Road (Route 117).  This is more commonly known as the Shaw’s Shopping plaza in the area.  This office will be staffed with service and installation personnel as well as system consultants to help with water testing and analysis as well as system design and specification.  Supplies such as softener salt, filters, etc. will be available as well.  A mini-showroom is also available to see systems.  

10/31/2019 H2O Care published in Water Quality Products on PFAS in water

In the spring of 2019, the town of Hudson, Mass. reported to residents that PFAS chemical was found in the water supply above the EPA maximum allowable level. This article, titled “STEPPING UP” is about how we handled the numerous inquiries we received, the issues related to PFAS and the options we gave people for its removal through water filtration technologies. See our publications section for this and our other published articles. 

10/1/2019 H2O Care Moving Middleton HQs to Larger Facility Close to Existing One

Due to continued growth, new employees, more trucks and higher inventory levels, H2O Care is moving into it’s own new facility on January, 1, 2020 (or sooner). The new address will be 18 Lonergan road, which is right around the corner from the existing Route 114 location (259 South Main Street). For customers that pick up supplies from us, leave water samples,etc., you can continue to do so. We will continue to maintain a showroom for the public to look at systems and answer questions.

2/25/2019 H2O Care, Inc. Featured Company in Water Quality Products Magazine

Titled, “MAINTAINING HIGH STANDARDS“, H2O Care appeared in a “featured company” article in the March Issue. The article covers some history, unique water quality challenges the company has met with creative approaches and other information. See link at our publications page https://h2ocare.com/publications/for this and other published articles.

2/1/18H2O Care published in Water Quality Products Magazine with Article titled, “Chloramine Control” in public water supplies – positives and negatives consumers should be aware of.

Public utilities have used chloramines to disinfect water supplies since the 1930s and an estimated one in five people in the U.S. uses water treated with chloramines. Since the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 and its amendments, utilities around the country have made changes to their disinfection strategies to meet more stringent regulations for either microbial contaminants or disinfection byproducts (DBPs). Both chlorine (also used for disinfection by many utilities) and chloramine react with other compounds in the water to form DBPs. The article explores how switching to chloramines from chlorine has resolved some health concerns but may have created new ones.

12/20/17 – H2O Care adds Advanced Leak Detection & Prevention product line

As a result of feedback and requests from our customers, H2O Care has added the “WATER COP” product line by DynaQuip Controls, Inc. out of St. Clair, Missouri. The company was founded in 1935. “The Water Cop” product received a U.S. patent in 1999. The next generation WaterCop system offers improved security interface and awareness monitoring. The robust WaterCop group of products are recognized as industry leaders and trusted to provide peace of mind for homeowners and businesses. We look forward to our relationship with the company in helping us satisfy our customers’ needs for additional leak protection security in their homes. See link at https://water-leak-prevention/.

2/20/17 – H2O Care signs lease to occupy an additional office/ showroom location in Hudson, Massachusetts

As a result of an ever expanding customer service base off of the route 495 belt, H2O Care has decided to open a new office/showroom at 439 Main Street in Hudson, MA. This location is approximately 3/4 mile east from the circle in Hudson center in a separate shopping plaza. Supplies will be available to customers for pick up at this location and service or sales appointments can be scheduled as needed. Anticipated opening of this location is May 1, 2017.

9/7/16 – H2O Care signs agreement to take over the residential service customer base of Pureflow, Inc. of Peterborough, NH

As a result of its acquisition of Advanced Water Treatment of Foxborough, MA, Pureflow, Inc., in order to stay focused on their core business of installing and servicing High Purity water systems for the Biotechnology, Hospital and related markets, contacted H2O Care to take over the service of the residential systems customers of Advanced Water Treatment. All customers have been notified and H2O Care has begun maintaining these systems.

2/1/16 – H2O Care published in Water Technology Magazine with article on Fluoride in Water

Fluoride in drinking water supplies has become more and more controversial recently, with strong and emotional expression coming from both sides of the issue. See our February, 2016 article titled, “To Fluoridate or not to Fluoridate” at http://watertech/to-fluoridate-or-not-to-fluoridate/.

3/4/15 – H2O Care featured in Water Technology Magazine with article on Manganese in Water

H2O Care has been published again in Water Technology Magazine in this month’s (March, 2015) monthly issue. The feature article is titled, “Manganese, The Good for You, Bad for You Mineral”. The link to the electronic version of the magazine can be found at http://watertech/manganese-the-good-for-you-bad

10/31/14 – Former Atlas Water Systems’ employees acquire the Atlas Watersystems’ Residential Systems Group from Quench, USA

On October 31st 2014, H2O Care, Inc. purchased the Atlas Water Systems, Residential systems group business, from Quench USA and started H2O Care, Inc.. The Staff of H2O Care is the previous staff of the Atlas Water Systems, Residential Systems group. Over the next several months we will be transitioning from the Atlas Water Systems name and logo to the new H2O Care, Inc. name.

H20 Care, Inc. was founded by Mark St Hilaire with the help, support and investment of the employees of the Residential Systems Group of Atlas Water Systems (see detail below). Mark has been in business since 1989 and currently has over 9,000 systems installed in the New England area. In 1989 Mr. St Hilaire founded AquaTech Water Systems, a North Shore Water treatment business focused primarily on the needs of the residential water treatment market. In 1999 Aqua Tech Water systems entered into a merger with Atlas Water Systems (then of Newton, MA). The merger of the two companies combined the commercial expertise of Atlas Water Systems with the residential expertise of AquaTech Water Systems. For the next 15 years, Mr. St Hilaire served as the Director of the Residential systems group of Atlas water systems which also handled certain types of commercial filtration. The merger of the two companies led to 15 years of consistent growth thanks to a dedicated staff that was focused on providing exceptional customer service. Atlas Water Systems soon became the leading provider of water treatment services in New England and was considered one of the top companies nationally with industry recognition.