Water filtration for lawn irrigation in new england

water filtration for lawn irrigation



It is easy to recognize poor water quality inside your home, because you are in such close contact with the water you use. Bad tasting drinking water, dull laundry, bad odors or stained appliances will alert you to most water quality issues. Harder to pinpoint are the common water problems that plague the outside of New England homes. Stained walkways and siding could be attributed to other environmental factors, but the culprit is most often impure water with a high mineral content. These problems can easily be corrected with a water filtration system for lawn irrigation water.


Lawn irrigation with water that contains a high level of iron or manganese can leave brown, orange or reddish staining on walkways, patios, lawn furniture, automobiles or the sides of your home. One approach to this problem is to add mineral inhibiting chemicals to the water which will coat the iron and/or manganese molecules contained in the water, temporarily preventing staining. However, once the water evaporates from walkways and other horizontal surfaces, the iron/manganese is left behind and will stain wherever it lies. The only sure way to prevent this staining is to “remove” these staining minerals from your lawn irrigation is with water filtration for lawn irrigation.


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A key factor in designing water filtration for lawn irrigation system is ensuring that there is no pressure loss or compromised water flow from the system. Consultation between the lawn irrigation professionals and water filtration professionals can avoid potential problems with the system. We will build and install a water filtration system that is custom-designed to work with your lawn’s existing lawn irrigation system. Equally important is getting an accurate water test to determine the level and type of contaminants in the water supply. (For more on this topic, see Water testing analysis)

Iron and Manganese are two commonly found minerals in New England, commonly referred to as “The Stainers”. Existing, tested technology and equipment is capable of effectively removing these minerals from the water and eliminating this problem. Both minerals can be found in particulate and dissolved form.  Cartridge filters can remove the particulates while dissolved forms need Ion Exchange, or water softening technology for effective removal.  Determining peak water flows and associated volume requirements are mandatory in designing a system that will work properly.

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H2o Care, Inc. is an established water filtration and testing organization formed in 1989 with offices in Middleton & Hudson, MA.  Articles published by the company pertaining to water quality issues in New England can be seen in the publications section of the website at https://h2ocare.com/publications/.  We can be reached by email at [email protected] or by calling us at 800-539-1100.




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