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If you have a private well in Middleborough, the most common water quality issues you may face are low pH (acidic, corrosive water) and elevated levels of manganese and iron. The iron and manganese levels should be no surprise based on what the town experiences in its own water treatment processes. Regarding pH, the following table is a good chart to give you an idea of what neutral is versus the various potential levels of low or high pH.

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Discoloration and staining can be caused by many things in the water supply. In Middleborough, MA, the source is likely to be elevated levels of manganese and iron, minerals that are common in Massachusetts water supplies. Aging pipes can accumulate these minerals on its inner surfaces over time and release various amounts in the water supply as pH and temperature levels change.

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Iron Clogging

Additionally low pH can cause bluish/green staining in sinks, tubs, showers as well as it dissolves copper piping into the water. Over time, low pH can cause enough corrosion of piping to create pin-hole leaks which will require replacing the pipes, an expensive proposition. For a link to the town’s water quality reports, see water quality.


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High Efficiency Water Softener

Manganese and Iron in particulate form can be removed with water filtration systems designed to remove sediment, while dissolved iron and manganese can be removed with a water softener. pH can be neutralized with a system that introduces enough calcium carbonate into the water to bring pH levels back toward neutral. For more information on manganese or iron and proven water filtration and water softener solutions, see the link at https://h2ocare.com/publications/ for the link to “Iron So High it was Almost Frightening” and “Manganese, The Good for You, Bad for You Mineral”.


Other contaminants found in New England well water include Radon and Arsenic.  A water softener will not remove these health threat contaminants. Radon in water is safely removed with an aeration system that agitates the incoming well water, releasing the gas from the water in a sealed chamber. This gas is then safely vented to the outside ambient air.

Arsenic in water can be removed at the point of entry into the home by installing tanks filled with arsenic specific resin that captures the arsenic before it can get into the home’s water supply.  Point of use systems for drinking water can use reverse osmosis technology to effectively remove arsenic as well. Speak to a water treatment professional to decide which system is right for you.

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Twin Arsenic system with Ozone


Whether you currently live in Middleborough or are considering buying a home here, water quality can be controlled to the level you desire. Whether you have a private well or are on the town’s water supply, a well-designed and maintained water filtration system or water softener will bring you water of the highest quality.

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