Water Softening and conditioning

High Efficiency Water Softening

Water softening can correct multiple problems in your home or building caused by hard water, dissolved iron and manganese. Hard water makes cleaning clothes more difficult, creates streaking on dishes and glasses, and makes cleaning your hair and skin well a challenge. Hard water can also damage your home’s piping distribution system if not corrected. Installing a water softener will eliminate this problem as well as dissolved Iron & Manganese which can create significant orange or black/brown staining on plumbing fixtures.

Water is considered “hard” when it contains higher levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium. H2O Care provides high efficiency filtration solutions that will condition your hard water by removing these hardness minerals through the proven ion exchange water softening process.

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Other Problems Created by Hard Water

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Damaging Hardness Scale Build-up Unchecked

Hard water can cause other problems other than difficulty in cleaning. Mineral build-up inside a hot water heater can shorten its life by insulating the temperature sensor, thereby making the equipment work harder to bring the temperature up. Scale build-up can also reduce the pipe opening diameter (see photo at left) through which the water heater pulls water. This makes the water heater work much harder and reduces its useful life. Mineral build up can also negatively affect other water appliances in your home like your dishwasher and washing machine as well. This is easily remedied with a proper water softener installation.

Through the water softener’s Ion Exchange process, hardness minerals are “exchanged” for very low levels of sodium ions. The exchange, or water softening, is made possible because the minerals are ionic in nature (often called ionized impurities), which means they have an electrical charge. The ion exchange is based on the fact that like-charges repel one another and unlike-charges attract. The resulting sodium that is released is very low and only a potential concern for someone on a prescribed, low-sodium diet.

Water hardness can be measured with a water hardness test kit. See the following link for a very complete description of hard water and its affects Hard Water Link.


Hardness Level Classification (in Grains/Gallon or milligrams/liter)


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Hardness Level Classification (in Grains/Gallon or miligrams/liter)

H2O Care can help with water softening & conditioning of your hard water by installing a point of entry, whole-house/building water softening system. Showers will feel cleaner, clothes will be softer, you will notice less film and residue in your sinks and showers and extend the life of your water heater and household appliances that use water. Soft water can even reverse previous build-up of hard water minerals inside your pipes. Contact us today to learn more!