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Water Filtration

As a resident of Stow, you most likely have private well water supplying your home which may require some type of water filtration or water softener system. Since the bankruptcy of Assabet Water Company in November, 2010, all residents of Stow have had to rely on private well water for their homes. See Assabet Water Filing 11-10.

As is the case with most well water in Massachusetts, Stow, MA has certain common contaminants that find their way into the water supply such as iron and manganese. Additionally, a low pH, which can be corrosive to piping and appliance internals is also not uncommon. Perhaps the most concerning are potential levels of Arsenic (see link at Stow Independent Article on Arsenic) or Radon in well water that can have a higher degree of risk associated with it. Even these contaminants, however, can be removed reliably with the proper water filtration system and/or water softener system.

Hard Water in Stow, MA needs Water Softener

Damaging Scale

Having your own well places the responsibilities of safety and water quality with you. With proven water filtration and water softener systems, you have the ability to create excellent, reliably safe water for your home.


Testing Well Water in Stow, MA

Testing Well Water

Water testing should be conducted by an EPA or Massachusetts state certified laboratory and should include analysis for the parameters in the table below.  If you are uncertain as to how to take a proper sample of well water and get it to a lab, you should contact a lab or water treatment professional for assistance. The closest lab to Stow for having this testing done is Nashoba Analytical in Ayer, MA. Nashoba Analytical They can walk you through the steps required to complete this task. They are a reputable state certified laboratory.  Typical items tested for are as follows:

Coliform bacteria pH
Arsenic Radon
Chloride Sodium
Iron Sulfate
Lead Conductivity
Manganese Nitrogen-Nitrate

If the testing results for Radon exceed the current Massachusetts guideline of 10,000 pCi/L in water, the radon must be removed from the water and it is recommended testing the air for Radon as well. It should be noted that New Hampshire requires action if radon is 2,000 pCi/L (pico curries per liter), Maine and Rhode Island are at 4,000 pCi/L. Regarding Arsenic, the maximum allowable level per EPA guidelines is .01 parts per million. See link at Arsenic Info. for more information on arsenic.

Radon in water filtration

Radon in Water Filtration


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Water Softener & Sediment Filter

Water filtration and/or water softener systems can be installed in Stow for the removal of any of the contaminants listed in the above table. Water softeners are typically installed to remove iron or manganese in the water through a technology called Ion Exchange. The right size and type of water softener will be primarily determined  by the estimated water volume usage and the levels of contaminants in the water. Arsenic is removed with tanks containing a specific media that “grabs” the arsenic out of the water. Removing radon from water requires a system that agitates the water in a sealed chamber to release the gas and then vents it outside. It is critical that the venting is done properly to minimize the chances of radon gas potentially being blown back into the home.

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