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Water Filter Solutions for Whole House

There are many types and sizes of filters available to address the various types of potential water quality issues experienced in Framingham town water or private wells.There are cartridge style water filters and self cleaning whole house water filters which will be reviewed in the balance of this write-up. Matching the right technology and sizing the system to meet the water usage demands of your home are critical to selecting the best approach for your situation. Additionally, a professionally plumbed system is paramount as well as maintenance of the system throughout the years to optimize the useful life and proper functioning of your new water filtration equipment.

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Sediment & Carbon Filters

There are various types and sizes of water filter cartridges with differentiating features relating to what you are trying to mechanically remove from the water. These filters do not work on removing dissolved impurities from the water as other technologies must be used for this purpose.

SEDIMENT CARTRIDGE WATER FILTER , as their name implies, are for removing sediment (particulate matter) from the water supply. The key characteristics relate to the micron rating of the filter designed to remove particles at or greater than a specified size and also capacity in terms of how long the sediment filter will work before it is no longer able to remove sediment. Specifying a micron rating that is too small for installation at the water’s point of entry into your home, for example, may cause an unacceptable drop in water pressure. Specifying a micron rating that is not small enough may produce less than optimal results in keeping sediment out of your water supply. Sometimes trial and error becomes the route to determining what works best in your situation. Experienced water treatment professionals have the benefit of many years of trial and error and will usually know what will work best in different situations.

SEDIMENT FILTERS ARE IMPORTANT because sediment can be abrasive to all of your water using appliances and can also negatively affect other types of water filtration or water softening equipment that you may have installed or are planning to install in your home or other facility. Removing sediment is also a good step in providing better drinking water, although not the only step if a higher level of purity is desired. (For more on high quality drinking water, see the link at http://reverse-osmosis-water-purification/.

CARBON CARTRIDGE WATER FILTER use activated carbon to remove chemicals (such as chlorine, volatile organics and others) and some bad tastes and odors from water. Carbon filters are also components of reverse osmosis purification systems to remove chlorine from water prior to flowing to the systems’ membrane which can be negatively affected by the chlorine. Water passes through activated carbon, which is porous, trapping certain particles that are attracted to the porous material in a process known as adsorption. At some point, adsorption capacity is exceeded and the filter must be changed in order to be effective. As with sediment water filters, the micron rating and size of the filter must be matched to the specific situation.

There are also other types of water filter cartridges for very specific purposes such as pH neutralizing, pipe protection and others. These may be introduced to you by your water treatment professional if your particular situation warrants them.


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Water Softener & Sediment Filter

Water filters can be installed for the removal of any of the potential causes of symptoms you may be experiencing in Framingham.  Water softeners are typically installed to remove dissolved iron, manganese or hardness minerals in the water through a technology called Ion Exchange. To remove particulate iron or manganese, a properly sized sediment filter is required. Chloramine can be removed with a carbon filter to remove bad taste and odor or with a reverse osmosis system for an even greater degree of water purification.

For more information on manganese, see the Water Technology Magazine article at Manganese in Water Article . For more information on Iron in water, see the link at Iron Article in Water Technology Magazine.

Any water filter or water softener recommendation for your home should start with a water test before an informed decision can be made. To determine what type of water testing to have performed and how to take a proper sample, call a water treatment professional or a state certified laboratory.

Drinking Water Filtration

Reverse Osmosis Purification (Basement install optional)

Proper on-going maintenance is also important to maintain a consistent level of great water quality and to maximize the useful life of your new filtration equipment.

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