The following discusses potential water quality issues or concerns as well as water filtration options for restaurants in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Water hardness refers to the mineral content of water, commonly calcium and magnesium. Hardness also may vary somewhat by seasons of the year.  When using dishwashers, you may notice a slight increase in “spotting or streaking” on glassware, flatware or white residue in kitchenware. This residue consists mainly of calcium carbonate, the same ingredient found in anti-acid products and not a known health risk, but an annoying aesthetic problem that makes for a bad presentation to customers. On-going hard water can also eventually have a negative impact on your water using appliances with potential premature breakdowns, etc.  Additionally, some equipment manufacturers specify water quality parameters in their users manual which could render warranties unenforceable if not adhered to. A properly specified, installed and maintained water softener can immediately solve the issue of hard water in your Portsmouth supplied water.

According to the Portsmouth DPW Water Division, the hardness of the city’s tap water is averaging around 96 parts per million (PPM) with a range of from 11 – 213 PPM. See the chart below for comparison.  Also, Iron was detected in a range that, in the mid to higher end would likely cause staining and taste issues. To see the detailed Annual Water Quality Report, see the link at Portsmouth Annual H2O Quality Report.

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BAD ODORS & TASTES IN YOUR WATER  chlorine smell and taste in water in Portsmouth, NH

While symptoms of water quality issues such as bad odors & taste, staining of bathroom fixtures & laundry, premature equipment breakdowns etc. are indicators of problems, the preferred starting point is to get a water test to identify the minerals or contaminants in the water and at what quantity they exist.  This will lead to an effective system recommendation and route to providing excellent on-going water quality for drinking, washing, etc.  There are various approaches to providing your restaurant with better quality ice, good tasting water, improved beverage taste and improved water quality to feed your dishwashers to avoid streaking on glasses and dinnerware.

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After & Before Filter Changes


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Various types of water filtration systems are available for the removal of any of the potential causes of symptoms you may be experiencing.  Water softeners are typically installed to remove hard water minerals, dissolved iron or manganese from the water through a technology called Ion Exchange.  To remove particulate iron or manganese, a properly sized sediment filter is required.  Bad tastes & odors, which may be the result of the chlorine added to the water supply for disinfecting purposes, can be removed with a carbon filtration system.  Additionally, to create very pure drinking water, a reverse osmosis system can be installed, which utilizes the same technology used to produce both Aquafina, Dasani and some other bottled waters.  There are various sized reverse osmosis systems to match the volume demands required.

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Reverse Osmosis Purification System

Any water filtration system or water softener recommendation in Portsmouth should start with a water test before an informed decision can be made.

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