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Wayland water filtration

As a resident, or prospective resident of Wayland, MA, you may want to consider a water filtration system if you are on a private well.  Although the town removes many of the contaminants from the water supply in its filtration process, there are some additions to the water supply that, although needed (chlorine for disinfection of microorganisms) and fluoride (controversial – see article on Fluoride in Drinking Water at http://www.watertechonline.com/to-fluoridate-or-not-to-fluoridate/), you may want to remove prior to drinking.  Additionally, most water supplies in New England have elevated levels of iron and manganese which town water supplies try to reduce the best they can.  To completely eliminate these minerals would require a system that is not economically feasible and/or operationally impractical.  To get rid of it all, a water softener or water filtration system would be required.



The Baldwin Pond Treatment Plant uses a process called Ultra Filtration. This type of filtration has several advantages over traditional water filtration: • Removes pathogens and turbidity in only one treatment step • Provides an absolute barrier for bacteria, viruses, and parasites • Compared to conventional disinfection treatment, no deactivated pathogens remain in the water. This process involves a number of steps starting with ozonation. Raw water is pumped into the Treatment Plant from a combination of three groundwater wells. Once in the plant, the raw water is dosed with ozone to oxidize the iron and manganese that is naturally present in the groundwater. Next, potassium hydroxide is added to adjust the pH of the raw water and polyaluminum chloride to aide in flocculation of the iron and manganese particles. Then the raw water enters the ozone contact tank where the oxidation and flocculation takes place. After 70 minutes of travel time, the water enters one of two 500-micron prefilters to remove larger particles. Once this process is complete, the raw water enters the Ultra Filtration Units. After filtration, the water travels to the clear well where sodium hypochlorite is added for disinfection, and sodium fluoride is added to help prevent tooth decay. The Water Division continues to operate five (5) other wells that all have a similar treatment process. Water is pumped out of the ground where potassium hydroxide is added to adjust the pH. Sodium hypochlorite is added for disinfection, and sodium fluoride is added to help prevent tooth decay.

Water filtration for Iron in Wayland

Dissolved Iron Build-Up


Water filtration for low pH in Wayland

Bluish/Green Staining from Dissolved copper due to low pH


Water Softener & Water Filtration Wayland, MA

Water Softener & Sediment Filtration Installed at Point of Entry in Basement for Whole Home Water Conditioning


Water Filtration Systems and Water Softeners

Water filtration systems can be installed for overall quality improvement or for the removal of any of the potential causes of symptoms you may be experiencing.  Water softeners are typically installed to remove dissolved iron or manganese in the water through a technology called Ion Exchange.    To remove particulate iron or manganese, a properly sized sediment filter is required.  Chlorine can be removed with a carbon filtration system to remove bad taste and odor.  Hydrogen Sulfide is evidenced typically by a rotten egg smell in your water, however this may be caused by high Manganese levels in the water as well.  A water filtration specifically for this problem is effective in correcting this.

Any water filtration system or water softener recommendation should start with a water test before an informed decision can be made.  To determine what type of water testing to have performed and how to take a proper sample, call a water treatment professional or a state certified laboratory.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Wayland, MA

Reverse Osmosis Purification System installed under sink. System may be installed in basement to feed a separate sink faucet

In summary, controlling your home’s water quality is attainable through proper water testing and equipment specification with today’s available water filtration technologies at a reasonable price.  Proper on-going maintenance is also critical to maintain a consistent level of great water quality.

H2O Care is an established, Massachusetts based water filtration and testing firm, formed in 1989.  Articles published by the Company can be seen in Water Technology Magazine or linked through the website publications section at http://h2ocare.wpengine.comNote: New Hudson, MA office opening on Main St. (rte. 62) in May, 2017

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