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A water softener is effective in removing some of the most common contaminants found in Hopedale. In private wells, the main issues typically are hard water minerals magnesium and calcium as well as iron or manganese. Small amounts of these minerals can have large affects on your home’s water quality. The EPA maximum allowable levels for iron as a secondary contaminant is .3 parts per million. The EPA maximum allowable level for manganese as a secondary contaminant is .05 parts per million. As you can see, these are very small amounts, but their affects can create quite an impact. Water softening will be very effective if you have hard water, iron or manganese in your water.  Up-flow versus down-flow water softeners are more effective, particularly if there are elevated levels of iron or manganese in your water.

Compare your test results to this chart:

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Hard water affects include corrosion and scaling inside pipes, as well as major staining throughout the home’s showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Hard water is also notorious for destroying hot water heaters way ahead of their useful life (scale build-up inside hot water heaters can insulate the temperature sensor inside the tank causing them to work much harder to bring the temperature up to the set level). Iron and manganese can create orange,rusty or black/brown staining and corrosion of water using appliances and the plumbing distribution system in the home as well. For more, see hard water epa.

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Hard Water Scale


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High Efficiency Water Softener

A water softener will remove dissolved forms of iron & manganese and hard water minerals. To remove particulate iron or manganese, a cartridge filter with proper micron rating will be effective. Depending on the specific situation, this could require a series of filters with different size micron ratings to handle heavier levels in the water. Selecting the appropriate micron rating and style of filter can be determined by a water treatment professional based on water test results and other symptoms. For more information on Iron and Manganese in water, see our published articles in Water Technology Magazine at the following link: http://publications/.

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Dissolved Iron Staining


Having a water test performed is an important first step in the process of improving your water quality. Without a test and analysis, the most appropriate type of water softener or other water filtration system cannot be determined. For more on water testing, see the link at http://water-testing/.

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