Arsenic in drinking water – wrentham, mass.

REMOVE ARSENIC IN DRINKING WATER FROM YOUR WELL Approximately 20 percent of private wells in Massachusetts produce water that exhibit unhealthy levels of naturally occurring arsenic in drinking water. Well inspection and testing your Wrentham well water is the best way to make sure that your water is clean and safe to drink. Unfortunately, well […]

Radon in well water removal- goffstown, nh

Many homeowners are surprised when they discover radon in well water. As radon in water is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, the need for a water test is all the more critical. Radon is a radioactive gas which comes from the natural decay of uranium found in nearly all soils. Radon in well water is not a […]

Bacteria in your well water & what to check

Coliform bacteria is a large group with many different kinds of bacteria. Most Coliform bacteria are harmless. Various types of Coliform live in the soil and even on surfaces in your home, but they do not occur naturally in groundwater. If Coliform bacteria (sometimes reported as Total Coliform) are found in your well water, it […]

Showering in hard water – are you really clean?

HARD WATER SHOWERING AFFECTS Hard water in your shower or bath isn’t getting you as clean as you should. Here’s why… HOW HARD WATER MINERALS INTERFERE WITH CLEANING The dissolved minerals calcium and magnesium are what make the water in your home hard. Those minerals also create an undesirable chemical reaction with your soap, shampoo, […]

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