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Hard Water Filtration

Hard Water = High Magnesium & Calcium

High levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium makes cleaning clothing more difficult, creates streaking on dishes and glasses, scaling on faucets and shower heads and makes cleaning your hair and skin well a challenge.  It can also damage your home’s piping distribution system if not corrected. There are high efficiency filtration solutions that will condition your water by removing these minerals through the proven ion exchange water softening process.

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Scale Formation

While symptoms of water quality issues such as bad odors & taste, staining of laundry, bathroom fixtures, etc. are indicators of problems, the preferred starting point is to get a water test to identify the minerals or contaminants in the water and at what quantity they exist.  This will lead to an effective system recommendation and route to providing your home with excellent water quality.  For the latest Annual Water Report from Natick, see the link at Natick Annual Reports.

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Damaging Scale

A water softener is a type of whole house water filtration system that is designed for removing hard water minerals (magnesium & calcium) as well as dissolved iron and manganese from the water.  High efficiency water softeners that are more efficient with both water and salt usage are preferred.

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Water Softener & Sediment Filter

BAD ODORS & TASTE  hard water Natick, MA

In addition to the above systems described, there are many other types of systems to remove bad tastes & odors, sediment and other objectionable minerals and contaminants in the water. Chlorine taste & odor can be filtered out with an activated carbon filtration component to the system. A water test and analysis will lead to the best approach. For more information on bad odors & taste in your water, see the link at http://bad-odor-taste/. 

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