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We’ve been get­ting an ele­vat­ed num­ber of calls about Man­ganese recent­ly, so thought we’d post this.  There are a few ways to remove Man­ganese from your water.  We have writ­ten an arti­cle about this which was pub­lished in the March, 2015  issue of Water Tech­nol­o­gy Mag­a­zine and can be seen at Man­ganese, The Good for You, Bad for You Min­er­al.  The fol­low­ing con­tains some excerpts:

Manganese in water in Massachusetts



It is a min­er­al that, in very small amounts, is essen­tial for prop­er func­tion­ing of the human body. It is a trace min­er­al that is present in the human body in very small amounts pri­mar­i­ly in the bones, liv­er, kid­neys and pan­creas. It is impor­tant in con­nec­tive tis­sues, in the for­ma­tion of bones and blood-clot­ting fac­tors.  It is also involved in fat and car­bo­hy­drate metab­o­lism, cal­ci­um absorp­tion and blood sug­ar reg­u­la­tion.  The min­er­al is also impor­tant for brain and nerve func­tion.

Toxicity Potential

Man­ganese at very high lev­els can pose a neu­ro tox­ic risk. Expo­sure to high con­cen­tra­tions of man­ganese over the course of years has been asso­ci­at­ed with tox­i­c­i­ty to the ner­vous sys­tem, pro­duc­ing a syn­drome that resem­bles Parkinson’s. This type of effect may be more like­ly to occur in the elder­ly.

Higher risks for Children

Chil­dren are con­sid­ered to be par­tic­u­lar­ly sus­cep­ti­ble to pos­si­ble effects of high lev­els of man­ganese expo­sure because they absorb more and excrete less man­ganese than adults. This adds up to a greater poten­tial for expo­sure in the very young. Since manganese’s effects on the devel­op­ing ner­vous sys­tem have not been ade­quate­ly stud­ied, it is espe­cial­ly pru­dent for preg­nant women and young chil­dren to have drink­ing water that is below the allow­able lev­el.
The Agency for Tox­ic Sub­stances and Dis­ease reports sev­er­al stud­ies that showed decreased abil­i­ty in neu­ro behav­ioral per­for­mance test­ing and in sev­er­al edu­ca­tion­al para­me­ters in chil­dren exposed to high lev­els in drink­ing water and diet for at least sev­er­al years.


Man­ganese can be in sol­u­ble and par­tic­u­late form.  To remove the sol­u­ble form, a water soft­en­er using ion exchange tech­nol­o­gy is very effec­tive.  For par­tic­u­late form, a prop­er­ly sized sed­i­ment fil­ter works well.  Water soft­en­er tech­nol­o­gy is also effec­tive in remov­ing the hard water min­er­als mag­ne­sium and cal­ci­um as well as iron in the water.

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