Water filtration or water softener in eliot, me

Water filtration or water softener for Eliot, Maine


Water filtration systems can remove common contaminants found in Eliot, Maine wells.  Common issues encountered in Eliot are Manganese and Iron along with low pH and sometimes the health threats Radon and Arsenic.  If the water testing results for Radon exceed the current Maine guideline of 4,000 pCi/L in water, the radon must be removed from the water.  Radon poses a serious health threat and has been determined to be a major cause of lung cancer.  For more information on radon, see the link at Radon Removal Article.  Arsenic is another health threat contaminant that must be addressed if water testing confirms a level above the EPA maximum.  The maximum allowable level of Arsenic in drinking water per the EPA is .01 mg/L (miligrams per liter) or 10 parts per billion.  Hydrogen sulfide is evidenced typically by a rotten egg smell in your water.  This may also be caused by high Manganese levels in the water as well. This problem is easily correctable with a water filtration system design specifically for this purpose.

Water filtration for Iron in Eliot, Maine

Dissolved Iron Build-Up


Water filtration for low pH in Eliot, ME

Staining from dissolved Copper from low  pH

Water Testing Before Water Filtration or Water Softener Installation

Water testing for water softener in Eliot, ME


Water testing should be conducted by an EPA or Maine state certified laboratory and should include analysis for at least the parameters in the table below.  If you are uncertain as to how to take a proper sample and get it to a lab, you should contact a water treatment professional or a lab for assistance.  They can walk you through the steps required to complete this task.  Some of the typical items tested for are identified below, however in many cases a more comprehensive test & analysis is warranted.  Again, a lab or water treatment professional can help you determine what to test for:

Coliform bacteria pH
Arsenic Radon
Chloride Sodium
Iron Sulfate
Lead Conductivity
Manganese Nitrogen-Nitrate
 TDS Alkalinity

Water Filtration & Water Softener Systems

Water filtration and/or water softener systems can be installed for the removal of any of the contaminants discussed above.  Water softeners are typically installed to remove dissolved iron or manganese in the water through a technology called Ion Exchange.  Certain types of cartridge filters may also be used to remove particulate iron or manganese as opposed to that which is dissolved in solution.

Water Softener & sediment filter in Eliot, ME

Water Softener & sediment filter installed in basement










Arsenic removal from water is performed with filtration tanks containing a specific media that “grabs” the arsenic out of the water as it flows through the tank at the water supply’s point of entry to the home.  Removing radon from water requires a system where the water is agitated in a concealed chamber then vented to the outside, sending the radon gas safely out of the home to ambient air.  Other technologies and water filtration systems are used to remove the other contaminants.  Any water filtration or water softener system designed should start with a water test before an informed recommendation can be made.

Arsenic water filtration

Arsenic in water removal tanks

Remove radon from water Eliot, ME

Radon removal system

water filtration in Eliot, ME


H2O Care is an established regional water filtration and testing firm, formed in 1989.  Articles published by the Company can be seen in Water Technology Magazine or linked through the website publications section at http://h2ocare.wpengine.com

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