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Water softener technology will address the main hard water minerals found in Shrewsbury (magnesium and calcium), along with manganese and iron. These common contaminants can be removed with a water softener and/or a properly specified sediment filter depending on whether the forms of the contaminants are particulate or in solution. Water softening will noticeably improve your water if you have these contaminants present.

 Water Softener Systems

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Water Softener & Sediment Filter

Hard water can have damaging affects on your home’s plumbing as well as your ability to clean. Hard water interferes with almost every cleaning task, from doing the laundry to washing dishes to taking a shower. Clothing can look dingy and feel rough and scratchy. Dishes and glasses get spotted and a film may build up on shower doors, bathtubs, sinks and faucets. Washing your hair in hard water may leave it feeling sticky and dull.  Hard water can also cause a scale to build-up in pipes that can lower water pressure throughout the house.


Water softener Shrewsbury,MA

Damaging Scale

Water hardness scale can build-up inside hot water heaters insulating the temperature sensor inside the tank causing them to work much harder to bring the temperature up to the set level. This will reduce the useful life of your hot water heater and require early replacement. Some other affects of these contaminants include corrosion and scaling inside pipes, major staining throughout the home’s showers, bathtubs, and sinks and destruction of hot water heaters way ahead of their useful life. For more information on hard water, see the link at water.usgs.edu/hardness.html.

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Hard Water Scale


A water softener is effective in removing dissolved forms of iron & manganese and hardness minerals. To remove particulate iron or manganese, a cartridge filter with proper micron rating will be effective. Depending on the specific situation, this could require a series of filters with different size micron ratings to handle heavier levels in the water. Selecting the appropriate micron rating and style of filter can be determined by a water treatment professional based on water test results and other symptoms.


water softener Shrewsbury, MA

In addition to water softeners, there are many other types of systems to remove bad tastes & odors, sediment and many other objectionable minerals and contaminants that may be present in the water. For more detailed information on bad odors and tastes in your water, see the link at: http://bad-odor-taste-water/.

WATER SOFTENER SHREWSBURY, MAWater softening company Shrewsbury MA

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