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water softener service and repair mendon, ma


Water soft­en­er ser­vice is nor­mal­ly rec­om­mend­ed annu­al­ly to ensure prop­er oper­a­tion and to max­i­mize the use­ful life of your equip­ment and pro­vide con­sis­tent soft­ened or con­di­tioned water to your home. It is pos­si­ble to have inter­im oper­a­tional prob­lems (iden­ti­fied lat­er in this report) which can be diag­nosed and reme­died by the home­own­er.   For com­pli­cat­ed prob­lems, con­tact­ing your water treat­ment ser­vice tech­ni­cian for water soft­en­er ser­vice is your best option.  There are many types of water fil­tra­tion and water soft­en­ing sys­tems.  The bal­ance of this write-up will focus on water soft­en­ers and reverse osmo­sis sys­tems.

water filtration service Mendon, MA


Check to see if the water soft­en­er is “on” and work­ing, that is, that the sys­tem has pow­er, then:

  • Check salt tank: Is there salt in the brine tank?  If not, add at least a few bags salt to the tank.
  • Check pow­er to the soft­en­er: If the unit uses elec­tric­i­ty to run a timer, be sure it’s plugged in to a live out­let and has pow­er. Some water con­di­tion­ers use a low-volt­age trans­former to pow­er the con­trol — be sure that device is present, plugged in, and work­ing.  Also, a pow­er fail­ure could cause the timer to be improp­er­ly set.  Re-set the day of week and time of day on the water soft­en­er timer after an elec­tri­cal pow­er fail­ure or after the soft­en­er has been pow­ered “off” for a time.
  • Check the water soft­en­er bypass valve: You want first to see that the water soft­en­er is not on “bypass” — is house­hold water flow­ing through the unit?  This valve is an option and may not be installed on your unit, but there may be stan­dard plumb­ing valves or globe valves that accom­plish the same pur­pose.
  • Man­u­al­ly regen­er­a­tion cycle: Then try a man­u­al regen­er­a­tion cycle — you’ll see on most units a lever you can push on the con­trol box to start that regen­er­a­tion process.  Note: your home will not be deliv­ered con­di­tioned or soft­ened water while the water soft­en­er is in the regen­er­a­tion cycle, there­fore, its best not to use water (or use as lit­tle as pos­si­ble- flush­ing toi­lets is OK, etc.) in the home until the regen­er­a­tion process is com­plete.  This is why most pro­grammed regen­er­a­tion is set for late at night when water usage is much less like­ly.
  • Feel & test the water sup­ply: if you can’t get a lath­er when bathing the sys­tem may not be suf­fi­cient­ly treat­ing the water.
Water softener service, repair Mendon, MA



With­out ful­ly diag­nos­ing, it can be very dif­fi­cult to deter­mine what is real­ly caus­ing the prob­lem and whether or not water soft­en­er ser­vice is even nec­es­sary.  This is where a ser­vice tech­ni­cian will be able to trou­ble shoot the sit­u­a­tion and come to a deter­mi­na­tion and solu­tion to the prob­lem. While there are so many pos­si­ble symp­toms and prob­lems a soft­en­er may expe­ri­ence, the fol­low­ing are a few that you may see.

  1.  Exces­sive salt usage by the sys­tem is requir­ing high­er than nor­mal salt tank fill ups
  2.  Stains on home fix­tures even though the water soft­en­er seems to be run­ning prop­er­ly
  3.  Min­er­al dis­charg­ing from the water soft­en­er and into the home’s water sup­ply
  4.  Loss of water pres­sure in the home’s dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem down­stream from the soft­en­er
  5.  Hard water evi­dence observed right after a regen­er­a­tion cycle.


Water fil­tra­tion ser­vice for a reverse osmo­sis sys­tem typ­i­cal­ly con­sists of:

  1.  Test­ing the incom­ing water qual­i­ty with a device called a TDS (total dis­solved solids) meter, which mea­sure con­duc­tiv­i­ty in the water, or, how much “stuff” or dis­solved min­er­als or oth­er things in the water.  The water is then test­ed after it has gone through the reverse osmo­sis (RO) sys­tem to deter­mine that the RO mem­brane is still work­ing effec­tive­ly in reject­ing dis­solved solids.
  2. Pre-fil­ters, sed­i­ment and car­bon are changed out.
  3. Stor­age tank pres­sure is test­ed and re-pres­sur­ized if water pres­sure is inad­e­quate.
  4. All lines, fil­ter hous­ings and stor­age tank are san­i­tized and flushed down.
  5. All con­nec­tions and fit­tings are inspect­ed.
reverse osmosis service Mendon, MA


water filtration system service mendon, MAwater filtration system service Mendon, MA

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