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The most commonly found water quality issues in private wells in Kingston are Manganese and the hard water minerals Calcium and Magnesium. While Radon and Arsenic are less likely to be found, they should be tested for due to the potential health threats they bring. While naturally occurring, the effects of these contaminants on your home’s water can either cause potential health concerns or aesthetic and other problems. For detailed information on these, go to our website at http://water-testing/.

Manganese and Iron are naturally occurring minerals commonly found in New England’s water supply. Together, they are commonly referred to as “The Stainers” in the water treatment industry and can be effectively removed with a water softener system through Ion Exchange technology. Hard water minerals can also be removed with water softeners. Hard water is evidenced by white scale build-up on plumbing fixtures, and difficulty in creating lather with soaps, shampoos and detergents (requiring more). Soft water makes a noticeable difference in cleaning, showering, shampooing your hair and cleaning your skin. For more on hard water, see hard water usgs.

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Water Softener with Sediment Filtration


If you have a private well, water testing should be conducted by an EPA or Massachusetts state certified laboratory and should include analysis for at least the parameters in the table below.  Depending on your specific situation, testing for a wider range of potential contaminants may be advisable.  If you are uncertain as to how to take a proper sample and get it to a lab, you should contact a lab or water treatment professional for assistance.  If your water is town supplied, they frequently test for health threat contaminants, therefore, an in-home water test can be performed on items such as iron, hard water minerals, manganese, pH or chlorine level.  Typical items tested for at a lab are as follows:

Coliform bacteria pH
Arsenic Radon
Chloride Sodium
Iron Sulfate
Lead Conductivity
Manganese Nitrogen-Nitrate
 Hardness Total Dissolved Solids


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Sediment & Carbon Filtration

For more on the removal of other bad odors and tastes in water, such as fishy, metallic, musty, etc., see the link at http://bad-odor-taste-water. Hydrogen Sulfide is evidenced typically by a rotten egg smell in your water. This may also be caused by high Manganese levels in the water as well. This problem is easily correctable with a water filtration system design specifically for this purpose, typically carbon filtration, aeration or ozone depending on the level detected.

water softener Kingston, MAwater softener Kingston, MA

H2O Care is an established, Massachusetts based full service water filtration and testing organization, originally formed in 1989 with offices in Hudson, Middleton & service depot in Plymouth.  See our published articles in Water Technology Magazines at http://h2ocare.com/pub.  Contact us at service@h2ocare.com or 800-539-1100.