Publications & Articles


 Article we had published in Water Quality Products Magazine about about the fairly recent application of ozone in residential water treatment as an effective, non-chemical solution to multiple situations.


“When an East Coast town discovers PFAS contamination, a water treatment dealership steps up.” 10/1/2019

 Article about us in Water Quality Products Magazine about how we handled PFAS chemical contamination found in a local town’s water supply in Eastern Massachusetts.


“Maintaining High Standards” 2/25/2019

 Article written about us by Industry Magazine reviews some history of H2O Care, Inc. and its unique capabilities in the water filtration industry.

http://Water Quality Products Magazine Featured Company

“Chloramine Control” 1/26/2018

 Article we had published about the increasing replacement of Chlorine with Chloramine compound as a secondary disinfectant in public water supplies, the positives and  potential negatives.

http://WQPmagazine/chloramine disinfection

“To Fluoridate or Not to Fluoridate” 1/1/2016

 Article we had published about the controversial topic of fluoridation in public water supplies. Many countries have ceased this practice while some continue to fluoridate. Town meetings in the U.S. have been “lively”.

“Manganese, the Good for You, Bad for You Mineral” 3/4/2015

 Article we had published about the potential health threat of high manganese levels, particularly in children. Aside from the aesthetically displeasing staining on plumbing fixtures, manganese can be dangerous.

“Implementing Arsenic Removal Programs: The Right Way”  October, 2011 Issue – Water Technology Magazine

Article we had published in Water Technology Magazine, when part of Atlas Watersystems, about the safe and proper way to design, install and maintain an Arsenic in water removal system.

“Iron So High it Was Almost Frightening” October 2010 Issue of Water Technology Magazine

Article written about us, when part of Atlas, focusing in on a project we successfully completed removing “unheard of” levels of dissolved iron in water from the water supply to a very popular Southern New Hampshire sports & fitness center.