Casually mention water filtration or water filters around just about anyone and the first image that pops into their head will most likely look something like a Brita filter. We have one thing to say about that:


Just as Paul Hogan knew what a real knife was in Crocodile Dundee, your regional water treatment and filtration experts know what a real water filter looks like and how it can truly help the quality of water in your home.

Water Testing & Water Filtration


Because water in the New England area is known for various types of contaminants and impurities, the first step in correcting the problem is a providing you with a water test so we know how to effectively address the issues.  The types and quantities of various potential contaminants or unwanted minerals will lead to the appropriate type of water filtration system.  Some houses need Reverse Osmosis Purification, some need Radon and Arsenic removal, some need water softening, and others need a different type of water filtration system.

Water softener and water filtration system

Water Softener with Sediment Filtration installed in basement

A Whole House Filtration system delivers conditioned water to all areas of the home that would benefit from cleaner water. If your drinking water is filtered through a Brita, it is removing some % of the chlorine and other contaminants in the water to improve taste, however its affect is limited due to limited surface area and contact time with the small carbon filter.

reverse osmosis water filtration system

Reverse Osmosis Purification System

For more information about drinking water systems, see the link at  For other information about whole home water filtration or water softeners,  see the link to our home page at  As previously mentioned, the most efficient and prudent approach to determining if you need a water filtration system or water softener is to start with a water test.  This will lead to the best solution to improve your home’s water quality.  The difference can be quite surprising and satisfying as well.