Manganese removal from water in topsfield

Remove manganese in water in Topsfield

MANGANESE (MN), along with iron and the main hard water min­er­als mag­ne­sium and cal­ci­um, are com­mon­ly found in Tops­field.


Man­ganese is a min­er­al that, in very small amounts, is essen­tial for prop­er func­tion­ing of the human body. It is a trace min­er­al present in the human body in small quan­ti­ties, pri­mar­i­ly in the bones, liv­er, kid­neys and pan­creas. MN is impor­tant in con­nec­tive tis­sues, in the for­ma­tion of bones and blood-clot­ting fac­tors, and is also involved in fat and car­bo­hy­drate metab­o­lism, cal­ci­um absorp­tion and blood sug­ar reg­u­la­tion. In addi­tion, it is impor­tant for brain and nerve func­tion.

There are two forms of man­ganese in the envi­ron­ment: Inor­gan­ic and organ­ic com­pounds. Inor­gan­ic MN com­pounds are used in the pro­duc­tion of steel, bat­ter­ies, ceram­ics and dietary sup­ple­ments. These MN com­pounds are also gen­er­at­ed as com­bus­tion prod­ucts from motor vehi­cles and coal-burn­ing indus­tri­al plants. Organ­ic MN com­pounds are used in some pes­ti­cides, fer­til­iz­ers and in a gaso­line addi­tive called Methyl­cy­clopen­ta­di­enyl man­ganese tri­car­bonyl (MMT). Man­ganese com­pounds can be present as dust par­ti­cles in the air and dis­solved in ground­wa­ter or drink­ing water

Toxicity potential

Accord­ing to the U.S. Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency (EPA), the World Health Orga­ni­za­tion (WHO) and the Agency for Tox­ic Sub­stances and Dis­ease Reg­istry (ATSDR), man­ganese at very high lev­els can pose a neu­ro­tox­ic risk.  Expo­sure to high con­cen­tra­tions of man­ganese over the course of sev­er­al years has been asso­ci­at­ed with tox­i­c­i­ty to the ner­vous sys­tem, pro­duc­ing a syn­drome that resem­bles Parkin­son­ism. This type of effect may be more like­ly to occur in the elder­ly.

Higher risks for children

Chil­dren are con­sid­ered to be par­tic­u­lar­ly sus­cep­ti­ble to pos­si­ble effects of high lev­els of man­ganese expo­sure because they absorb more and excrete less of the min­er­al than adults. This adds up to a greater poten­tial for expo­sure in the very young. Since manganese’s effects on the devel­op­ing ner­vous sys­tem have not been ade­quate­ly stud­ied, it is espe­cial­ly pru­dent for preg­nant women and young chil­dren to have drink­ing water that is below the man­ganese EPA action lev­el.

ATSDR reports sev­er­al stud­ies that showed decreased abil­i­ty in neu­ro-behav­ioral per­for­mance test­ing and in sev­er­al edu­ca­tion­al para­me­ters in chil­dren exposed to high lev­el of MN in drink­ing water and diet for sev­er­al years.

For a com­plete arti­cle writ­ten on the top­ic of man­ganese pub­lished in Water Tech­nol­o­gy Mag­a­zine, see the link at and then click on the arti­cle titled, “Man­ganese, The Good For You, Bad For You Min­er­al”


Some of the affects of these con­t­a­m­i­nants include cor­ro­sion and scal­ing inside pipes, major stain­ing through­out the home’s show­ers, bath­tubs, and sinks and destruc­tion of hot water heaters way ahead of their use­ful life.  With­out water soft­en­ing, hard water scale can also build-up inside hot water heaters insu­lat­ing the tem­per­a­ture sen­sor inside the tank caus­ing them to work much hard­er to bring the tem­per­a­ture up to the set lev­el.  This will reduce the use­ful life of your hot water heater and require ear­ly replace­ment.  Hydro­gen Sul­fide is evi­denced typ­i­cal­ly by a rot­ten egg smell in your water, how­ev­er this may also be caused by high Man­ganese lev­els in the water as well.  For those using their well water for out­side lawn irri­ga­tion, iron and man­ganese can cause major stain­ing of out­side walk­ways, house sid­ing and any­place the water touch­es.  See the link at

Remove manganes in water in Topsfield,MA

Dam­ag­ing hard water scale build-up-in pipes


A water soft­en­er is effec­tive in remov­ing dis­solved forms of man­ganese, iron and hard­ness min­er­als. To remove par­tic­u­late iron or man­ganese, a car­tridge fil­ter with prop­er micron rat­ing will be effec­tive. Depend­ing on the spe­cif­ic sit­u­a­tion, this could require a series of fil­ters with dif­fer­ent size micron rat­ings to han­dle heav­ier lev­els in the water.  Select­ing the appro­pri­ate micron rat­ing and style of fil­ter can be deter­mined by a water treat­ment pro­fes­sion­al based on water test results and oth­er symp­toms. For more infor­ma­tion on Iron and Man­ganese in water, see our pub­lished arti­cles in Water Tech­nol­o­gy Mag­a­zine at the fol­low­ing link:

Remove manganese in water in Topsfield,MA

Dis­solved Iron Stain­ing in bath­tub


Remove Manganese in water in Topsfield,MA

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