Ultraviolet light (UV) water purification systems can be an effective bacterial control and water sanitizing technology.

UV (Ultraviolet Light) Water Filtration

UV (Ultraviolet Light) Water Filtration


Whether your home gets its water supply from your own private well or if it comes from the public water supply your city or town provides, some type of water disinfection may be necessary to provide safe water.  City or town water supplies typically dose chlorine or a chlorine compound (chloramine) to provide bacterial and or microbial disinfection.  While this may impart an objectionable taste or odor to the water, it is a necessary step for safety’s sake.

If you have a private well, the only defense you have to protect your water supply is having your own water filtration system installed if it is determined to be necessary.  A water test should always be your first step before determining what type of system, if any, is going to provide you the best protection.  For purposes of bacterial or microbial disinfection, Ultraviolet light (UV) water filtration systems are very effective when installed taking into account other aspects of the water quality that may also have to be treated to enable Ultraviolet light (UV) water filtration to work well.


UV is a type of energy found in the electromagnetic spectrum, lying between x-rays and visible light. Although we cannot see UV light or rays, we are exposed to them every time we step out into the sun. In fact, UV light is responsible for causing sunburns. Ultraviolet systems use special lamps or bulbs that emit UV light of a particular wavelength. The Ultraviolet energy attacks the genetic core of the microorganism and rearranges the DNA /RNA eliminating the microorganism’s ability to function and reproduce. If the microorganism can no longer reproduce, it cannot replicate, therefore it cannot infect other organisms with which it has contact. The process is simple but effective, destroying 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without adding chemicals to the water.

See the following link for more description of Ultraviolet light (UV) water filtration technology https://h2ocare.com/ultraviolet-uv-light-disinfection/ or for even more detail go to http://www.water-research.net/Waterlibrary/privatewell/UVradiation.pdf


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