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The following discusses potential water quality issues or concerns as well as water filtration options for residents of Beverly, MA. The Salem and Beverly Water Supply Board oversees the water supply to both Beverly and Salem, MA. The Beverly Water Department can be reached by calling 978-921-6000 x2358. For the full Annual Water Quality Report, see the link at Salem Beverly Water Quality Reports.


Salem and Beverly use approximately 3.5 billion gallons of water per year.  This water is drawn from the Ipswich River and three reservoirs; Wenham Lake Reservoir, Putnamville Reservoir, and Longham Reservoir.  The Annual report, identified above, shows a well-defined diagram of the Salem & Beverly Water Supply System.


You may see some evidence of hard water scale on plumbing fixtures, iron/manganese staining in sinks, tubs, etc.  Additionally, chloramine, a disinfectant used to control bacteria and other potentially harmful substances, is added to the water supply. This may evidence itself as an objectionable odor or taste. If you have a private well, you may experience Hydrogen Sulfide which is evidenced typically by a rotten egg smell in your water, however, this may also be caused by high Manganese levels in the water as well. These are all correctable problems with a properly designed water filtration system or water softener installation.

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Dissolved Iron Staining

Water Filtration Systems and Water Softeners

Water filtration systems can be installed for the removal of any of the potential causes of symptoms you may be experiencing. Water softeners are typically installed to remove hard water minerals, dissolved iron and manganese in the water through a technology called Ion Exchange. To remove particulate iron or manganese, a properly sized sediment filter is required. Chloramines can be removed with a specific type of carbon filtration system to remove bad taste and odor.  Not all carbon filters will work on removing chloramines from the water.

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Water Softener with Sediment Filtration

Any water filtration system or water softener recommendation should start with a water test before an informed decision can be made. To determine what type of water testing to have performed and how to take a proper sample, call a water treatment professional or a state certified laboratory.

Hard Water needs Water Softener in Beverly, MA

Damaging Scale

In summary, controlling your home’s water quality is attainable through proper water testing and equipment specification with today’s available water filtration technologies at a reasonable price. Proper on-going maintenance is also critical to maintain a consistent level of great water quality.

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H2o Care, Inc. is an established, Middleton, MA based full service water testing and filtration organization formed in 1989. The company has been published in Water Technology Magazines for contaminants common to this region; see www.H2Opublications Email us at [email protected] or call 800-539-1100.