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The following discusses potential water quality issues or concerns as well as water filtration options for residents of Georgetown, MA.

The Georgetown Water Department utilizes three groundwater wells to supply water to the town. These wells include the William Marshall Well and the Ronald I. Marshall (Duffy’s Landing) Well, both located off West Street behind the Water Treatment Plant, and the Commissioners Well, located off Bailey Lane near the bridge/culvert. These wells are shallow (40 to 60 feet deep), gravel packed wells that draw water from the Parker River aquifer. The water from all three wells is pH adjusted, filtered for iron and manganese removal, chlorinated for bacteria disinfection, and pumped into the distribution system.

The Water Department has a difficult task treating a difficult water supply for the town. For many years, Georgetown water has exhibited poor aesthetic qualities (color, odor, and taste) that have yielded problems in various areas of town. Complaints of staining have been received from customers throughout town. The color is the result of dissolved iron and manganese being oxidized by the chlorine added for bacteria disinfection. Once oxidized, the iron and manganese precipitates to a fine particulate that can attach to laundry, appliances, fixtures, etc. Color problems have also been associated with flow surges in the system from high volume water use or at the beginning of the filter backwash cycle at the water treatment plant.

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Water Testing


You may see some evidence of hard water scale on plumbing fixtures, iron/manganese staining in sinks, tubs, etc.    Due to the geographical lay out of the water distribution system in Georgetown, there are many dead ends where water does not flow at an optimal level due to cul de sacs, etc.  This has created, in some circumstances, a build-up of iron reducing bacteria (which is not a health threat) causing an objectionable odor from the water.  Chlorine, a disinfectant used to control bacteria and other potentially harmful substances, is added to the water supply.  In an attempt to battle the iron reducing bacterial problem, the town has in the past increased it’s chlorine levels to correct this problem.  Unfortunately, if your home is early in the water distribution system, you will experience higher levels of the chlorine and notice a potentially objectionable taste and/or odor.  For more information on Iron in water see the Water Technology Magazine article at the following link: High Iron in Water Article.  For an article on Manganese in water, see the link at: Manganese in Water Article.

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Dissolved Iron Staining

BAD ODORS & TASTES IN YOUR WATERfishy smell in water in Sharon, MArotten egg smell in water in Sharon, MAchlorine smell and taste in water in Sharon, MA

There are various types of bad odors and tastes that you may experience in your water.  Hydrogen Sulfide is not uncommon and is evidenced typically by a rotten egg smell in your water, however this may also be caused by high Manganese levels as well.  A water filtration specifically for this problem is effective in correcting this. For a more complete description of this and other potential bad odors and taste in your water, see the link at https://h2ocare.com/bad-odor-taste/.


Properly designed water filtration and/or water softener systems can be installed for the removal of any of the potential causes of symptoms you may be experiencing.  A water softener is typically installed to remove dissolved iron or manganese in the water through Ion Exchange technology.    To remove particulate iron or manganese, a properly sized sediment filtration is required. In Georgetown, however, due to other complications in the water chemistry, an air induction system combined with a specific filtration media is necessary to effectively remove the dissolved iron and manganese.  H2O Care, Inc. has consulted with the town of Georgetown to review this situation.

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Water Softener with Sediment Filtration

Water filtration system or water softener recommendations should start with a water test before an informed decision can be made.  To determine what type of water testing to have performed and how to take a proper sample, call a water treatment professional or a state certified laboratory.

In summary, controlling your Georgetown home’s water quality is attainable through proper water testing and equipment specification with today’s available water filtration technologies at a reasonable price.  Proper on-going maintenance is also critical to maintain a consistent level of great water quality.

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