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Water Filtration Solutions

Water filtration or water softener systems can address the most common water quality issues encountered in well water or town supplied water.  The key culprits are Iron, Manganese, the hardness minerals (magnesium and calcium) and the health threat Radon in water.  In addition, there are also calls from time to time regarding town supplied water with elevated levels of Manganese, Hard water and Chloramines (a water disinfectant comprised of a mixture of chlorine and ammonia). Iron, manganese and hardness minerals are naturally occurring.  Chloramines are typically used in place of chlorine due to organic materials in water supplies that react adversely with chlorine which may form potentially health threatening by-products.

Additionally, Rockport residents have voted in the past on whether to stop adding fluoride to their drinking water.  Two local organizations — Health Roundhouse , a group that has focused its activism in Newburyport, and the Cape Ann Fluoride Action Network , made up of fluoride opponents in Gloucester and Rockport — have petitioned local governments to allow residents to vote on the issue.



Dissolved Iron Staining

Iron and Manganese are naturally occurring minerals commonly found in New England’s water supply. Together, they are commonly referred to as “The Stainers” in the water treatment industry.

Iron shows up in two forms; Dissolved in solution (ferrous form – can’t see) or precipitated (ferric) particulate iron which you can see in the water.  Typical symptoms of iron in your water include Red/Brown stains in sinks, tub, dishwasher, laundry and/or Metallic taste. Iron may also show up in the form of Iron bacteria.  Although harmless, iron bacteria can form gelatinous growths that my plug pipes or break free in slugs of dirty iron-laden water with unpleasant tastes and odors.  The U.S. EPA drinking water regulations set a recommended secondary maximum contaminant level of iron at .3 milligrams per liter. The reason they call it a secondary contaminants is that iron isn’t considered a primary health threat. See the link at: Iron in water tech magazine.   For more information on Iron in water and related water filtration challenges.

Manganese similarly shows up dissolved in solution or precipitated (particulate) which you can see in the water. Typical symptoms of manganese in your water include brownish-black staining in the dishwasher and other plumbing fixtures.  Manganese may also show up in the form of manganese bacteria.  Although harmless, manganese bacteria can form gelatinous growths that my plug pipes or break free in slugs of dirty manganese-laden water with unpleasant tastes and odors. The U.S. EPA drinking water regulations set a recommended secondary maximum contaminant level of iron at .05 milligrams per liter. Manganese is also considered a secondary health threat, however at certain high levels, especially in children, can be a health threat.  For more information on this topic, see the link at Manganese in water tech magazine.

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High Efficiency Water Softener with Sediment Filtration


To eliminate bad odors & taste in your water, a whole house carbon filtration system can be very effective. This system is also capable of removing a broad array of other contaminants in the water. Based on your water test, a proper determination can be made of what system is right for you.

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Sediment & Carbon Filtration


Radon is impossible to detect without appropriate laboratory water tests.  Radon typically originates in deep wells that tap radon contaminated groundwater.  The radon gas releases from the water into air when water is turned on in your home’s showers, bathtubs, washing machines, faucets, etc.  If radon is present in your home’s water, it may also be present in the air and should be tested accordingly.  For more information, see the link at: Radon in Water Article.

Water filtration systems that effectively remove radon from water will include a sealed agitation chamber that churns the water to release the radon gas, and then safely vents it outside to mix with ambient air.  Proper venting to the outside is critical to a safely designed and installed system.

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Radon in Water Removal

In summary, if you are a resident of Rockport or are considering becoming one, encountering manganese, iron or radon in your water is not something that should prevent you from living in a town you’ve decided you would enjoy.  Water filtration systems including water softeners, sediment filtration and radon removal systems are proven technologies that work and will provide you with excellent water quality.

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