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Needham residents may require a water softener or some other type of water filtration system to improve water quality.  As is the case with many wells in Massachusetts, there are certain common contaminants that find their way into the water supply.  There are various methods to remove these contaminants and provide you with excellent water quality.


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Prior to even considering a system, water testing should be conducted and should include analysis for, at least the parameters in the table below.  If you are uncertain as to how to take a proper sample and get it to a lab or what to test for, you should contact a lab or water treatment professional for assistance.  For more on water testing, see the link at https://h2ocare.com/water-testing/.


Hard water minerals (magnesium & calcium) along with dissolved iron or manganese can be effectively removed from the water supply with a water softening system. The type and size is best determined by a water test and water volume usage estimate. Hard water may show up as white scale build-up on glasses, dishwater, faucets, showers and other places.  It may also negatively affect your hot water heater and other water using appliances.  For more on hard water, see had water usgs.

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Water Softener with Sediment Filtration

BAD ODORS & TASTES IN YOUR WATER  chlorine smell and taste in water in Needham, MA

There are various types of bad odors and tastes that you may experience in your water.  There are water filtration systems to correct these problems. For a more complete description see the link at https://h2ocare.com/bad-odor-taste/.

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H2O Care is an established full service water filtration and testing organization, originally formed in 1989, with offices in Middleton & Stow, MA.  See our published articles in Water Technology Magazines at  http://h2ocare.com/pub. Reach us at [email protected] or  978-777-8330.