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Water Softener Solutions

A Water softener is typically installed to remove the hard water minerals calcium and magnesium, as well as dissolved iron or manganese through a technology called Ion Exchange.  Particulate iron or manganese (which you can see) can be removed with a properly sized sediment filtration set up.  For more on hard water, see hard water epa.

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High Efficiency Water Softener

Hard water scale can gradually build up inside the plumbing distribution system. This can not only restrict water flow and corrode piping, but it can also damage water using appliances such as hot water heaters, dishwashers, etc.

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Damaging scale 


There are many other types of systems to remove bad tastes & odors, sediment and many other objectionable minerals and contaminants in the water. There are “point of entry” systems that will provide filtration for all of the water entering your home or facility. Also, there are “point of use” water filtration systems that will provide filtered water at a sink or other single point of use, typically by feeding the filtered water to a designated, separate faucet. Starting with a water test will direct the right approach for you. For more on bad odors & taste in your water, see the link at https://h2o/bad-odor-taste/.

hard water scale Wellesley MA

Hard Water Scale


Water testing can be done on-site for hardness, iron, totaI dissolved solids, alkalinity and chlorine. If you have a private well, water testing should be conducted by an EPA or Massachusetts state certified laboratory.  If you are uncertain about what to test for or how to take a proper sample and get it to a lab, you should contact a lab or water treatment professional for assistance. They can walk you through the steps required to complete this task.

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