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Whole House Water Filtration Solutions

Various types and sizes of whole house water filtration systems are available to address potential water quality issues experienced in Melrose, Massachusetts town water or well water. Not only is matching the right technology important, sizing the system to meet the water usage demands of your home is also key. Additionally, a professionally plumbed system is also critical as well as maintenance of the system throughout the years to optimize the useful life and proper functioning of your new equipment.

While symptoms of water quality issues such as bad odors & taste, staining of laundry, bathroom fixtures, etc. are indicators of problems, the preferred starting point is to get a water test to identify the minerals or contaminants in the water and at what quantity they exist.  This will lead to an effective system recommendation and route to providing your home with excellent water quality.


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Water Softener & Sediment Filter

A water softener is a type of whole house water filtration system that is designed for removing hard water minerals (magnesium & calcium) as well as dissolved iron and manganese from the water.  For water with high levels of iron or manganese (“the stainers”), an “up-flow” water softener is recommended to prevent mineral build-up in the bottom of the water softener.  Also, high efficiency water softeners that are more efficient with both water and salt usage are preferred.


Water Filtration for whole home Melrose MA

Sediment & Carbon Filtration

There are various types of bad odors and tastes that you may experience in your water.  For a more complete description of this and other potential bad odors and taste in your water, see the link at https://h2ocare.com/bad-odor-taste/.

You may notice odor and taste issues if your home is supplied by town water, typically associated with Chlorine.  Chlorine is used for disinfection purposes by the town to control microorganisms including bacteria and others that may be present in the water distribution system.  Carbon water filtration systems are effective at removing chlorine and the associated taste and odors that come with it.  These systems can either be installed at the point of entry in your home, typically in the basement, or at a point of use for drinking water only.



The city of Melrose has been performing on-going testing by sampling water from homes served by lead service lines. The Melrose water supply comes from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority(MWRA) This water is lead-free when it leaves the Quabbin and Wachusetts reservoirs, however, lead can get into tap water through home lead service lines (the pipes that connect homes to the water main in the street), lead solder used in plumbing, and some brass fixtures. The town treats to reduce corrosive water as well, however, there is no guarantee that your water is lead-free. To find out if you might have a lead service line and how it can be replaced, call the Engineering Department at 781-979-4172

There are filters and drinking water filtration systems designed to remove lead from the drinking water supply.  The two most common are reverse osmosis technology and activated carbon filters designed for lead removal. For more on information about this, see the link at https://point-of-use-purification/.

whole house water filtration in Melrose, MAWater filtration for whole home Melrose, MA

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