Water Quality Problems

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Water qual­i­ty prob­lems encoun­tered in New Eng­land:  You can also find infor­ma­tion at the Water Qual­i­ty Asso­ci­a­tion web­site https://www.wqa.org/Learn-About-Water/Perceptible-Issues.

Com­mon Water Prob­lems Water Qual­i­ty Symp­toms             Descrip­tion of Water Qual­i­ty Issue Typ­i­cal Solu­tions


Orange/Brown stains in sinks, tub, dish­wash­er, laun­dry. Metal­lic taste. A nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring min­er­al. Shows up in two forms; Dis­solved in solu­tion (fer­rous form — can’t see) or pre­cip­i­tat­ed (fer­ric) par­tic­u­late iron which you can see in the water. Water Soft­en­er/Ion Exchange, Oxi­da­tion, Fil­tra­tion


Brown­ish-black stain­ing in dish­wash­er & oth­er plumb­ing fix­tures. Also a nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring min­er­al. Will react with chlo­rine bleach to inten­si­fy stain­ing.  Can be health threat above cer­tain lev­els, par­tic­u­lar­ly for chil­dren. Water Soft­en­er/Ion Exchange, Oxi­da­tion, Fil­tra­tion

( Low pH )

Water filtration for low pH

Green/Blue stains in sinks, oth­er fix­tures. Short­ened life for plumb­ing, hot water heaters, oth­er water-using appli­ances. Low pH usu­al­ly caused by exces­sive car­bon­ic acid. pH is a mea­sure of the acid or alka­line con­tent of water. 7.0 is con­sid­ered neu­tral. Can cause increased leach­ing of lead and oth­er met­als that may be in the dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem. Can cause pin­hole leaks in cop­per piping, requir­ing cost­ly replace­ment. Acid Neu­tral­iza­tion, Cor­ro­sion Inhibitor, Aer­a­tion


Hard water in Essex

Dam­ag­ing hard water scale build-up-in pipes

White Scale on pipes & fix­tures. Dif­fi­cult to make soap­suds. Hot water heaters and oth­er H2O using appli­ances fail before their expect­ed use­ful life. Dis­solved cal­ci­um & mag­ne­sium. Water hard­ness caus­es scale build-up inside pipes, restrict­ing water flow while putting stress on water using equip­ment which must work hard­er. Can sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce the use­ful life of water heaters, dish­wash­ers, wash­ing machines, etc. requir­ing ear­ly, cost­ly replace­ment. Water Soft­en­er / Ion Exchange

Hydrogen Sulfiderotten egg smell in water

Rot­ten Egg smell. Sil­ver tar­nish­es eas­i­ly. Dis­solved hydro­gen sul­fide gas, can also be caused by iron or sul­fide reduc­ing bac­te­ria.  If you’ve ever been in a house with this issue, you will like­ly not for­get it. Oxi­da­tion, Fil­tra­tion, Car­bon Adsorp­tion, Aer­a­tion, Ozona­tion

Tastes & Odorsfishy smell in water

Fishy, musty, or oily smell & taste. Volatile organ­ic sub­stances, usu­al­ly, but not always harm­less. Reverse osmo­sis (RO), Acti­vat­ed Car­bon, Ozona­tion


Cloudy water. Faucet screens may clog fre­quent­ly. Sus­pend­ed solids may ham­per dis­in­fec­tion efforts and require more fre­quent faucet screen clean­ing to resume nor­mal water flow. Sed­i­ment Fil­tra­tion, Coag­u­la­tion,  Reverse Osmo­sis, Acti­vat­ed Car­bon.

Radon (Rn)Remove radon from water in Groton

Impos­si­ble to detect with­out appro­pri­ate lab­o­ra­to­ry water test. Typ­i­cal­ly orig­i­nates in deep wells that tap radon con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed ground­wa­ter. Releas­es into the air when water is turned on in show­ers, faucets, etc. Can be a seri­ous health threat. Aer­a­tion. Car­bon may be used at low lev­els but is not con­sid­ered a good long-term solu­tion.

Arsenic (As)Remove arsenic in drinking water Westford

Impos­si­ble to detect with­out appro­pri­ate lab­o­ra­to­ry water test. Occurs nat­u­ral­ly through rock decom­po­si­tion or from indus­tri­al uses. Most­ly found as As III or as AsV. Can be a seri­ous health threat. Depend­ing on form, As III or As V. Removal tech­niques include pre­cip­i­ta­tion, ion exchange, RO.

Salt Water Intrusion

Salty taste, heavy cor­ro­sion, salty build-up. Usu­al­ly shows up in wells dug near marshy or coastal areas. High­ly cor­ro­sive, not drink­able, unpleas­ant to bathe in.

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Whole home Reverse Osmo­sis installed at  point of entry into the home.